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  • Simel has provided me with a mirror and avenue for knowledge that I am profoundly grateful for. His ability to apply deep knowledge on all levels of experience for healing is a true gift. I experienced freedom from nightmares, guidance for healing generational illnesses, and opened up my heart to my god given gifts. Bey Acupuncture is A well spring of personalized guidance, laughter and freedom from fear. Make sure to come as you are– the more you share, the more gifts you’ll find waiting there!

    Happy winter solstice!​

    Katie R

    Austin, Texas - 12/27/19
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Simel and had to take a moment to sing his praises. He is a naturally gifted healer like nothing I have ever seen before. His intuitive ability to get to the root cause of a problem is miraculous through various combinations of plants from around the world. With his help, I no longer need to take a life long medicine for an illness that had harmful side effects that once shattered my quality of life. What you will experience is different from anything else you will find. He is a very caring, one of a kind spiritual healer that has guided me through my spiritual development. This is the most unique and enchanting process that will change and empower you. His gifted wisdom comes from a wealth of ancient healing methodologies from around the globe that will not only treat you but transform and harmonize you. I am very appreciative of all the hard work and dedication he puts into his practice.


    Lauran G.

    Austin, Texas - 12/20/19
  • Simel Bey is a kind, gentle and caring man whose gifts of sight make him an extraordinary healer. When I found myself surrounded by death, he guided me back to health, love and light. He offers the wisdom you are able to receive, when you need it most. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with him and have deep appreciation for his generosity and care. How lucky we are to have him in this world!

    Lisa Fithian

    American political activist and protest organizer
  • Working with Simel Bey is a transformative experience. He is more than an acupuncturist. He is a spiritual teacher, coach and guide. His knowledge and training extend beyond acupuncture. If you want or need healing at a deep level, I highly recommend working with him. It is life changing.

    Candace Fetzer Avila

  • I first went to Simel with a bad headache that wouldn’t go away. It didn’t take long for him to recognize that I was over using alcohol, which likely led to my condition in the first place. He offered to help me with my alcohol habit, which I knew was unhealthy and unsustainable, but I didn’t want to hear it, and I really just wanted my head to feel normal again. I knew he was right, and after one acupuncture session, my head felt better, so I didn’t return and I kept on the path I was on. Fast forward a year later, October 2015, further down my path of alcohol abuse. I knew I was stuck in a bad habit that I just couldn’t break on my own. I would not admit to myself that I had a problem. If I was a lush, so were all of my friends and so was the rest of Austin. My alcohol consumption was “normal,” I justified to myself over and over again. I had managed to piss off some friends with my sharp, rude, drunken tongue. My own boyfriend said he was worried about my relationship with alcohol. I was so sick of feeling sick all the time. I was having GI issues, thyroid issues, mood issues, you name it. I tried to blame it on everything else, but in my heart I knew that my bottle of red wine a day had been the largest contributing factor to my ails – physical, emotional, and spiritual. I decided to return to Simel and take him up on his offer to help me quit my destructive habit. I visited him twice a week for a couple of months for mentorship and acupuncture, and I quit drinking cold turkey. It has been 3 months sober! I quit drinking and began nourishing healthy, life-promoting habits. I have never felt more alive, more like myself! I am losing weight, my skin has cleared up, and I don’t feel sick and tired all the time. I thank Simel so much for helping me get to this place.” I hope you are doing well! Please keep in touch, especially with any more volunteer opportunities!

    K.B. Austin

  • Simel is an incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable healer. He has a vast understanding of the medicinal properties of food, plants, and the spirit world. He offers nutritional support in his practice of Chinese Medicine as well as nurturing the uniqueness of each and every client.

    Stephanie Hunt

    Beverly Hills, California
  • Acupuncture was next level today, pretty sure I went somewhere else. Your services have truly helped me feel more like myself and aspire for everything the universe offers. Thanks very much for everything you do. I’m so grateful.

    Ashley Cass

    Austin, Texas
  • Before receiving treatment from Simel I sought treatment from conventional medicine for various issues that included severe gastro discomfort and pain. My GP couldn’t find a cure. I was then referred to a gastrointestinal specialist. After going through a battery of tests the cause and a cure still couldn’t be found. It was even suggested I undergo exploratory surgery even though they wouldn’t know what they were looking for! That’s where I drew the line and sought an alternative approach. One of our dear friends who was at the time a current patient of Simel’s who underwent successful treatment suggested I go to him for a consultation. From the start, Simel exhibited a very caring nature about him. What I liked the most is not only did he address the physical aspect of our well being, but also the spiritual. He stressed that hand-in-hand improving on those qualities is a key to overall health. Today, with Simel’s direction and care given with an individualized protocol involving Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Qi Gong, I feel like a new person compared to the first day I came to his office. My experience under Simel’s care has been amazing. My health condition has been turned around. I feel like I’m glowing. I continue to grow stronger. I’m much healthier and now live without pain. In addition, I’ve lost my dependence on pharmaceutical drugs that had caused many side effects in the past. Simel is a true healer. He is really concerned about you as an individual and seeks to make you a whole person. I highly recommend anyone dealing with health issues, especially those that conventional medical specialists can’t resolve, to consult with him to find the path to overall health. Thank you for everything you do Simel.

    Cynthia G

  • Simel has been a tremendous support to myself and my two boys, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I had been looking for him for several years. I saw a naturopath, a homeopath, a Chinese herbalist, an acupuncturist.. I saw an acupuncturist weekly and took whatever pills and herbs I was given but know one came close to offering the amount of love , support and knowledge of herbs as Simel does. I have more energy now, my boys are thriving and my chronic issues have been dramatically reduced , far beyond what anyone else was able to accomplish. I attribute this as much to simel’s extensive knowledge of herbs, as I do towards his very presence and desire to be of the utmost support to everyone who walks through his door. Thank you, Simel

    Jill & Gabriel

  • Its a pleasure to know someone who has genuine concern about their clients well-being. Wishing you all the best for the Holidays

    Cynthia and Ray

    San Antonio, Texas

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